UMBC Study on Economic Impact of Dream Act in National Press Following Vote

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Marylanders voted to extend in-county/in-state tuition at local community colleges and public universities to undocumented immigrants who graduate from Maryland high schools and meet other requirements. Press following the 59% to 41% Maryland Dream Act victory have cited a recent study on the Dream Act’s economic impacts by UMBC’s T.H. Gindling (economics) and Marvin Mandell (public policy).

Their study concludes, “the Dream Act would generate $66 million in economic activity for each incoming new class of undocumented students.” See the website of UMBC’s Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR) for the original working paper: “Private and Government Fiscal Costs and Benefits of the Maryland Dream Act.”

NPR’s political news site and Inside Higher Ed link directly to the study itself. Other media referencing Gindling and Mandell’s findings include the Chronicle of Higher Education, Baltimore Sun, Gazette, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Capital News Service and Delmarva Now.