UMBC Students and Potomac Photonics Create 3D Replica of UMBC

Potomac Photonics, a micro digital fabrication company located in bwtech@UMBC, has 3D-printed a mini replica of the UMBC campus as part of Ecosynth, a UMBC project that creates 3D models for ecological study.

Lindsay Digman and Stephen Gienow ’15, mechanical engineering, helped to create the map by using a helicopter-mounted camera to capture aerial photographs of the campus.

President and CEO of Potomac Photonics Mike Adelstein ’96, biochemistry, described the map, saying, “This cool project that combines robotics, 3D modeling, and 3D printing is part of our Education Manufacturing Initiative, whereby we donate or discount… technologies to researchers, faculty and students at universities who need manufacturing assistance.”

Click here to see photos and read more about the project.