Mathematics of Being Human

The Mathematics of Being Human reaches significant milestone with first full production in the United States

After debuting at UMBC in November 2014, The Mathematics of Being Human is ready to launch its first full production in the United States. Five productions of the play are scheduled from March 30 – April 2 at the University of Pittsburgh’s Henry Heymann Theatre and it is produced by University of Pittsburgh Stages.

The play, written by Michele Osherow, an associate professor of English, and Manil Suri, a mathematics professor, is inspired by their experiences jointly teaching a freshman seminar that bridged their two areas of expertise. The production was a natural outgrowth of a popular Chronicle of Higher Education article series. When it debuted at UMBC, it was directed by Alan Kreizenbeck, an associate professor of theatre, and Savannah Jo Chamberlain ’16, theatre, and Chaz Atkinson ’16, theatre, portrayed students in the seminar.

Since then, the play has garnered strong praise and it has traveled to San Antonio, New York City, and Baltimore. Most recently, the play had its first international production in New Delhi earlier this year by Atelier Productions. The play received a positive review in the January notice of the American Mathematical Society.

For more information about this significant milestone for The Mathematics of Being Human, visit the University of Pittsburgh website.

Image: Mathematics of Being Human debuts at UMBC. Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11 for UMBC.