The Hilltop Institute in “Governing” Magazine

A new article in Governing magazine, titled “How Higher Education Could Save Medicaid,” explores public universities as effective partners in states’ efforts to reform their Medicaid systems to be more fiscally sustainable and prepare for a significant enrollment expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The Hilltop Institute at UMBC offers one of three examples nation-wide for how this partnership can work.

Governing calls Hilltop “one of the primary Medicaid policymaking labs for the state,” noting that it “is responsible for all financial modeling, helped [Maryland] develop its managed care program and works with an actuarial firm to set the capitated rates that health-care providers receive to participate in that program.” The article also notes that Hilltop houses all of Maryland’s Medicaid data and, since 2010, has “conducted the official analysis of the Affordable Care Act’s impact on Maryland, which has been a guiding force for the state’s Health Care Reform Coordinating Council.”