Susan McCully, Theatre, Interviewed for What Weekly

mccully01-sWhat Weekly magazine featured Susan McCully, Senior Lecturer for the Department of Theatre, in an interview for their website last week. In the interview, she discusses the evolution of her work as a playwright and performer, and its influence in the “Baltimore Renaissance”.

“[Interviewer]: What do you think is the over-arching theme of our conversation?
Susan: Emergence. I feel like I’m at a place in my life where I’m emerging. That word is usually attached to someone in their 20’s. And there are all kinds of reasons why I’m emerging now, but I feel emotionally and artistically grown up now and ready to actually talk about things other than myself when I talk about my work. My work is about me, of course, but I’m grown up enough to talk about human beings. I feel like Baltimore theater is emerging. Emerging for a lot of reasons that have to do with the changes in the larger professional theaters, and with the younger groups coming here with the intention to grow together.” Segment from the interview, “Susan McCully, Late Bloomer Extraordinaire”.