Susan McCully, Theatre, Discusses her new play, Kerrmoor, with Baltimore Sun

Susan_MccullySusan McCully, Theatre, was highlighted in a September 19 article, “Women’s Voices Theater Festival aims to level the playing field,” by Tim Smith of The Baltimore Sun. Her play Kerrmoor will be premiered at the multi-city festival, running from October 29 through November 15, and will be directed by Eve Muson (Theatre) and acted by Katie Hileman (’12, Theatre). “I just decided to be brave and write about Appalachia, where I come from,” McCully explained to Smith. “It’s a place full of amazing, noble people who are all about sacrifice, and at the same time are insular and xenophobic. It’s a dangerous mix. [Kerrmoor] is an Appalachian Greek tragedy. I like to think that if William Faulkner came back as a middle-aged white lesbian who transplanted to Baltimore, he would have written this play.”

Read the article here, and read more about Kerrmoor and the festival here.