Robert Deluty, Graduate School, Publishes his 48th Book

robertdelutyRobert Deluty, associate dean of the graduate school, has published a new volume of poetry “Worthy of Consideration.” In his review, Ronald Pies writes: “Robert Deluty’s excellent new collection of short poems presents us with an intriguing dialectic, partly inspired by epigrams from the writer Hermann Hesse. On the one hand, for Hesse, ‘. . . every man’s story is important, eternal, sacred.’ On the other hand, Hesse tells us that his own story is ‘not sweet and harmonious’ but is filled with ‘folly and bewilderment’ – even madness. Deluty’s poems vibrate with this dynamic tension: sometimes evoking the eternal and sacred; sometimes reflecting human folly and bewilderment – and sometimes, both, as in ‘fundamentalists/ blasting Christian rock music/ at their Sikh neighbors.’ What allows Deluty’s poems to ‘work’ is his deep sympathy and understanding of the paradoxes of the human condition.”

“Worthy of Consideration,” as well as all of Dr. Deluty’s other books, may be purchased at the UMBC Bookstore.