Ramon Goings writes about diversifying Maryland’s STEM teacher workforce

In response to a question posted on Education Week‘s website about universities’ responses to the call to increase diversity of the teaching force, Ramon Goings, program coordinator for the Sherman STEM Teacher Scholars Program, wrote about the mission of the Sherman Scholars program and its efforts to address to the shortage of highly qualified STEM teachers serving in high-needs schools.

ramongoings“The Sherman Program provides professional development for both UMBC students and alumni who are currently teaching in school districts across Maryland and other states. In particular, our professional development is focused on developing culturally competent students. Through our partnership with Lakeland Elementary/Middle School, a Baltimore City Public School, our students are able to work in an actual classroom settings with children and experienced teachers prior to student teaching,” Goings wrote.

Writing further about the evidence-based support system to diversify the STEM teacher workforce, Goings stated that, “We believe it is imperative to work with students prior to college in order to develop their desire to become teachers and desire to pursue a STEM degree. Thus, through our partnership with Lakeland and other applied learning placements, our students are able to build the next cadre of STEM teachers and innovators while improving their pedagogical practices. UMBC and the Sherman Scholars Program are committed to fighting for diversity in the STEM teaching workforce.”

Read “Diversifying the STEM Teacher Workforce in Maryland” in Education Week. 

Image:  Ramon Goings