Production by Susan McCully, Theatre, Reviewed by NY Theatre

McCully in Inexcusable Fantasies
McCully in Inexcusable Fantasies

The Fringe NYC performances of Inexcusable Fantasies — written by Susan McCully, theatre, and directed by Eve Muson, theatre — received praise in a review released last week.

Read the article here: “Inexcusable Fantasies”

The review of the “masterfully-written two-woman piece,” written by Andrew Rothkin, details the comedy as an honest, intelligent coming-of-age story that invites the viewer into McCully’s “baring [of] her very soul.” Rothkin says, “I was awed by McCully’s wordsmithery, her intricately woven stream of words whose meanings and allusions seemed three steps ahead of me.”

He also commends the acting and chemistry of both McCully and Rachel Hirshorn ’04, theatre, as incredibly solid performance, and says that the “beautiful” staging by Muson “highlight[ed] the theatrical as much as the real, the touching as much as the funny.”