Pres. Hrabowski Shares How UMBC Prepares Students for the Workforce in Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard, in collaboration with The Rockefeller Foundation and Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, began “The Future of Work and Workers” project in August. The project asks social scientists, technology visionaries, activists, and other industry leaders to write about how the working world will change in the future. President Hrabowski contributed to the project with an article that shares how UMBC’s innovations are preparing students for the workforce.

hrabowskiDr. Hrabowski began by outlining areas of expertise that will be required in the changing workplace, including people skills, technological skills, the ability to work interdisciplinarily and think critically, and a deep knowledge of the industry. He then shared how UMBC is teaching these skills through innovations such as course redesigns and scholars programs. “Advances in our understanding of how people learn, along with new technologies, have led us to re-design how we teach a variety of courses…not only to improve course delivery but also to develop workforce skills,” he wrote.

In the article, Dr. Hrabowski also touched on the impact of partnerships between academic programs, employers, and alumni, as well as the importance for career-life balance for faculty and staff.

“Students need a broad education because we do not know how different the world will be and what specific skills students will need in the decades to come,” Dr. Hrabowski concluded. “People must be prepared to adapt and to work in a world of unknowns with the confidence that, by asking good questions, thinking critically, collaborating with others, and persisting, they can learn whatever is necessary.”

Read “The Future of Work: Preparing Students for a Changing World of Work” in Pacific Standard.