Michele Wolff, Shriver Center, and Stephen Freeland, INDS, in The Catonsville Times

Michele Wolff, Shriver Center, and Stephen Freeland, interdisciplinary studies, were featured in an article about UMBC’s new Summer Enrichment Experience in The Catonsville Times. The Summer Enrichment Experience (SEE) is a commuter day program through the Shriver Center which offers academic courses for middle and high school students.

Michele Wolff, UMBC Shriver Center DirectorWolff shared her goals for the program, saying, “The idea is to give the middle and high school students the opportunity to be on a college campus, but also the opportunity to have an interesting and exciting way to learn about the sciences or arts and humanities based content.”

Stephen Freeland, INDSFreeland, who will teach “Cosmos on Campus” at SEE, described the importance of exposing middle and high school students to a different way of learning science. “We teach them that science is about the steady accumulation of facts and that has no resemblance to what an actual scientist does,” he said. “That completely underestimates the creativity, the role of hypothesis testing- the whole point is investigating what we don’t know, not what we do know.” Instead, Freeland has designed his course to enable students to “ask important questions in a way that gives reliable answers.”

SEE will run from July 13- August 7. Registration is open and there is a discount available for UMBC faculty, staff and alumni. Visit see.umbc.edu to learn more.