Kristin Waters, Operations, Explores Teleworking in C&U

Kristin Waters, associate director of operators for Admissions and Orientation, published an article about teleworking in higher education in the College and University Journal (C&U), a publication of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). C&U is an educational policy and research journal specializing in emerging concerns, new techniques, and technology in higher education.

In the article, Waters recounts the history of teleworking, the role of modern technology in making remote work possible, and how changing social structures has increased the need for teleworking. She also outlines challenges with teleworking, including inconsistent policies, and makes recommendations for managers, saying, “Communication, management, and trust are impacted by teleworking. Managers should be aware of these impacts in order to implement a successful teleworking policy.” She concludes, “Institutions of higher education have evolved, or shifted, as a result of societal influences…as a result, employees are now able to telework, providing benefits to both the employee and employer.”

Read “Teleworking in Higher Education” in C&U, beginning on page 28.