Kimberly Moffitt, American Studies, on The Marc Steiner Show

On Wednesday, March 12, The Marc Steiner Show hosted a national news roundup segment covering a wide range of topics, including discussion of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and the death of Jackson, Miss. Mayor Chokwe Lumumba.

Kimberly Moffitt, an assistant professor of American studies, was a guest on the national news roundup panel and weighed in on several topics over the course of the discussion, including news surrounding CPAC.

“There was this rallying around these exciting statements being made, but there wasn’t much depth to it,” Moffitt said. “I think it’s a regurgitation of the same old, same old, as it has been for a number of presidential terms and a number of years. That doesn’t situate itself with just this current administration.”

Other panelists in the discussion included John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation and Richard Vatz, professor of rhetoric and communication at Towson University.

You can listen to the full national news roundup segment here.