Kevin Heffner, Erickson School, in the Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun today recognized the 30th anniversary of the Charlestown Retirement Community with a front-page article on founder John C. Erickson and transitions in the retirement housing industry.

UMBC’s Erickson School was founded, in large part, through a generous donation from Erickson. Today, the Erickson School offers a range of programs, from a B.A. and M.A. in the Management of Aging Services (MAgS) to professional and executive education.

Kevin Heffner, Erickson SchoolIn the Sun article, Kevin Heffner, director of external relations for the Erickson School, describes the challenges the senior housing industry faced following the broader housing market crash and credit crisis of the last decade.

Heffner notes that retirees seeking housing today “have higher expectations but a lower ability to pay for them.” He reflects that although Charlestown might need to change its payment model to reflect the shifting market, it should be able to adapt because it offers a broad range of options in housing, meal plans, activities and other amenities