Kate Drabinski, Gender and Women’s Studies, on The Marc Steiner Show

In response to the tragic shootings last week in Santa Barbara, California, WEAA’s The Marc Steiner Show hosted a segment discussing issues of male entitlement, misogyny and violence against women after reports surfaced that the gunman had acted in part out of intense frustration over rejection by women.

Kate Drabinski

Kate Drabinski, a Lecturer of Gender and Women’s Studies and Director of the Women Involved in Learning and Leadership (WILL) program, participated in the discussion and commented on how masculinity may have played a role in the violence.    

“One thing that I think is really important in this moment is to also interrogate masculinity because this is about misogyny, but it’s also about the construction of masculinity,” Drabinski said. “What is it about the construction of masculinity that would make him feel like he wasn’t a real man?”

Other panelists included Igor Volsky, Managing Editor of ThinkProgress.org, John Bullock, Professor of Political Science at Towson University and A. Adar Ayira, Project Manager of the More in the Middle Campaign for Associated Black Charities and Facilitator and Analyst at Baltimore Racial Justice Action, a program of Fusion Partnerships.

To listen to the full segment that aired May 28 on The Marc Steiner Show, click here.