Jess Myers, Women’s Center, on the Marc Steiner Show

Jess Myers, director of the Women’s Center, appeared on the “Marc Steiner Show” on Tuesday, January 8 to discuss rape and the fight for women’s rights, from India to Ohio.  Meyers, along with guests Allison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio and The Nation and Winston Ross of Newsweek and the Daily Beast, discussed a recent case from Steubenville, Ohio, where high school football players and their friends live tweeted the rape of a sixteen-year-old girl.

Myers discussed the conversations that she expects to have with students about the case and the culture surrounding it.

“There’s an interesting dynamic between how we educate, in my experience, students, on issues of misogyny when some people get it and others don’t.  And how try to find that middle ground where we can have conversations and discussions without people feeling like they’re being challenged in ways that they can’t understand their role.  I’m curious to see what conversations we will have around this when the students come back,” she said.

The full segment can be heard here.