Hilltop Presents on ACA’s Impact on Small Business

Hilltop Senior Regulatory and Policy AdvisorMaansi Raswant, Maansi Raswant, JD, gave a presentation titled The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Small Business to the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce on October 30, 2013 at the Charlestown Retirement Community.

In the presentation, Raswant gave an overview of the basic provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and described health reform implementation in Maryland; described the ACA mandates for coverage (who needs to have it and who needs to provide it); and discussed how to determine whether an employer is considered a large or small employer, how to purchase coverage through exchanges, new benefits of and requirements for health plans, and how tax credits will be allotted. Access the full presentation here.

Raswant is a member of Hilltop’s Health Reform team, which provides essential support to Maryland’s Health Benefit Exchange as it implements health reform. For more information, go to www.hilltopinsitute.org/hrr.cfm.