Dwight Polk, Emergency Health Services, on EMS1.com

Dwight PolkDwight Polk, paramedic program director and senior lecturer of emergency health services, recently presented at the Arrowhead EMS Conference in Duluth, Minn. about exploring the psychological impact of line of duty deaths (LODD) on EMS organizations. Polk regularly teaches and presents at regional and state EMS conferences around the country.

The editor of EMS1.com, a news service for EMS professionals, wrote an article analyzing Polk’s presentation in discussing the inevitability of planning and preparing for a line of duty death in the profession. The article mentioned several key takeaways from Polk’s presentation, including having updated emergency contact forms, protection of evidence in LODDs, engaging the news media as a partner, and using an authorized spokesperson to speak on behalf of the department, among other topics.

Polk serves as a mental health professional for two CISM teams and is a CIT trainer for the Howard County Police Department. He is the co-author of two textbooks; “Pre-Hospital Behavior Emergencies and Crisis Response”  and “Law Enforcement Responder: Principles of Emergency Medicine, Rescue and Force Protection.”

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