Constantine Vaporis, Asian Studies, in Education About Asia

Asian studies program director Constantine Vaporis was recently interviewed in Education About Asia as part of an interview series with recipients of the AAS Franklin Buchanan Prize. Vaporis was the 2013 award winner for his book Voices of Early Modern Japan: Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life During the Age of Shoguns.


Education About Asia praised Vaporis for “producing a superb pedagogical tool” and interviewed him about his extensive scholarship on Tokugawa Japan and research methods for his book.

In addition to the interview, the magazine published a review of Voices of Early Modern Japan.  The reviewer, Kathleen Krauth, writes:

[The book] is a remarkable work in that it not only offers educators many topics and themes from the early modern era of Japan but also emphasizes how to read and understand a primary document. Because Vaporis’s text successfully presents content and skills, it serves as a model of how to meet the many demands of our jobs. High school and postsecondary teachers of Japan and Asia will find this book valuable for their teaching.

The interview and book review appeared in Volume 18, Number 3 winter edition of the magazine.