Choice Program Director LaMar Davis Speaks Out on Youth Violence through WYPR, Baltimore Sun

LaMar Davis, director of The Choice Program at UMBC, visited Midday with Dan Rodricks on September 11 to remember four Choice Program participants who were killed in Baltimore this year and discuss youth violence. The Choice Program works with youth who have been in contact with the juvenile justice system, providing intensive mentorship and teaching job skills.

In the interview, Davis reflected on the tragic deaths of Najee Thomas, 14, Keith Powell, 17, Timothy Hall, 15, and Adrian Gilliard, 17, remembering their lives and dreams, and describing their involvement with The Choice Program. He also discussed the systematic social and economic inequalities that lead to violence and how communities need to work together to solve these complex issues.

Davis also wrote an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun about the tragic deaths and called for holistic interventions to combat youth violence.

Click here to listen to the interview and here to read the op-ed.