100,000 Stories: A Selection of Women Photographers (9/28)


“100,000 Stories, a Selection of Women Photographers from the Photography Collections, in Honor of the 20th Anniversary of the UMBC Women’s Center” will open for public viewing on Wednesday, September 28, noon, in the Library Rotunda. Refreshments will be served.

100,000 people have visited the UMBC Women’s Center and have shared their lives and stories with other visitors and the staff. Equally, that many stories have been told by the women photographers held in the Photography Collections of the Albiin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery. A selection of photographs is presented with the stories of the photographers and their images in honor of the 20th anniversary of the UMBC Women’s Center.

(Photo: “Father and Daughter at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom at Washington, D.C.” by Mildred Grossman, silver gelatin print, 1957, acc. no. 89.25.005)